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 A brief management description follows:

  Dr. Atik Zamman is a Chairman of Strategic Partners. He is a businessman based in the Russian Federation, with 20 years of experience in the international marketplace at both private and governmental positions, concentrating in the former Soviet Union, primarily Russia and Eastern Europe. Governmental appointments include Chairman of the Consortium ‘Perestroika’ in the Former Soviet Union (1987-1991) and Chairman of the Bi-Lateral Commission in Mongolia (1989-1992). In addition to his business activities, Dr. Zaman is currently serving as Counselor to the Millennium Committee of the Russian Federation, an organization formed to promote investment under the supervision of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation.

  Carl A. Sax is Legal Consultand. Formerly, Mr. Sax was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Atlantic Coast Airlines d/b/a United Express, a United Airlines commuter carrier. Prior to that Mr. Sax was engaged in the development, ownership, syndication and management of income-producing properties and the construction of condominium units in the State of Florida. Mr. Sax is an attorney. Mr. Sax is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he received his BA in 1969 and The National Law Center, George Washington University, where he received is JD in 1971.

  David J. Simons was educated in Harrow, England. Since 1986 Mr. Simons has been involved in international real estate and project development with projects in Europe, the United States and the Far East. Since 1992, Mr. Simons has been actively involved in the Russian Federation and other republics of the former Soviet Union both in developing large projects and in establishing and managing various businesses. Mr. Simons’ prior design experience includes the design of the Sea World land use concept plan, Orlando, Florida. Notably, Mr. Simons has previously been invited to speak, as a guest lecturer, in the United States, on his Russian business experience at both Georgetown University, School of Foreign Affairs, Washington DC (Business Dynamics in Russia / CIS Course) and the University of Maryland, MBA Course. In addition Mr. Simons has given presentations on developing hotels in Russia and Eastern Europe at the International Hospitality Summit, Barcelona and The Open Russia Forum, European Parliament, Brussels.

  Richard Rowley is a resident of Pickworth, Rutland, United Kingdom. During his career, Mr. Rowley was Assistant Director, Hambros Bank Limited, London; Director, Crosby Corporate Advisory, Singapore; Managing Director, Crosby Securities, Singapore; Executive Director, Head Investment Bank, Crosby Corporate Advisory, Singapore; Vice President, Lazard Asia Limited, South Korea; and, Managing Director, Lazard South East Asia Corporate Advisory, South Korea. In addition to his activities with Strategic Partners, Mr. Rowley is also a Shareholder and Director of Prolantic UK as well as a Shareholder and Financial Advisor of Prolantic (Cape) Pty Ltd (both manufacturing companies serving the telecommunications industry). Mr. Rowley received his MA from Oxford University and his Certificate in Banking for Graduates at City of London University.

  Dr. Sergey Soukholinski, is a key-member of the Board Directors, Director in charge of Russia/C.I.S., operation and the legal advisor. Dr. Sergry Soukholinski has 20 years of wast experience in various business investments activities worldwide (including Russia/C.I.S.). Dr. Sergey Sukholingski has P.H.D. degree in law.

  Gabriel Banon resides in Casablanca, Morocco and New York City. Mr. Banon is a published French economist and industrial advisor. He is both a French civil engineer and law graduate. Mr. Banon’s industrial activities include serving as director of the JAPY’s factories of the Worms Group (1957-1961), Chairman of Alfa-Laval factories (1961-1971) Chairman and CEO of Siersatom – Nuclear Industry (1973-1980), Chairman and CEO of Sofinem (1981-1984) and Chairman and CEO of two investment companies, Winvest and Solitair Kapital AB (since 1984 and since 1997 respectively). In the public sector, Mr. Banon served as industrial policy advisor to French President Georges Pompidou and the first CEO of the Industrial Development Institute. He also served as Vice Chairman of the Junior Manager Center for France, member of the board of C.N.O.F., the National Committee French Organization and the National Foundation for Management Teaching. In the U.S., Mr. Banon served as a member of the advisory board of the University of South Carolina at Columbia (1986-1992). At the inception of the peace process in the Middle East, President Arafat appointed Mr. Banon as his economic advisor. Mr. Banon’s published works include La Paix de tous les dangers (Peace in the Middle East) /Ed. Val de France 1998.

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